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What better time than the Holidays to give thanks to your pet and preserve their DNA? ViaGen Pets & Equine, the only U.S. company that clones dogs, cats and horses, is now offering a special on our genetic preservation kit for your dog, cat and horse. This first, easy step toward cloning just got easier with a special, limited time, price. ViaGen Pets & Equine is now offering its $1,600 genetic preservation kit for $1,100 from November 4 through December 6, 2019. And it gets better! For every discounted genetic preservation kit you purchase during this time period, ViaGen Pets & Equine will donate $100 per kit to the Veterinary Cancer Foundation, an organization that helps ensure optimal medical care for pets diagnosed with cancer by providing financial assistance to those families.

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How Pet Cloning Works

Everything you need to know.

We know that many pet owners have questions about cloning. Simply put, a cloned dog, cat, or horse is a genetic twin of your pet. The cloned twin will share many key attributes, such as intelligence, temperament and appearance. The genetic identity of a cloned cat, dog, or horse is identical to the original. Cloning does not involve any changes to the genes of your dog, cat, or horse. Cloned animals live full, healthy and happy lives and are no more susceptible to health problems than any other pet.


For which animal species does ViaGen Pets & Equine currently provide genetic preservation (GP) and cloning services?

ViaGen Pets & Equine currently provides genetic preservation (GP) and cloning services for dogs, cats, and horses.

My pet has just died unexpectedly. What should I do to start the process of genetic preservation or cloning?

In order to initiate a successful genetic preservation (GP) or cloning process, timing and proper procedures are critical if your pet has just passed away. Please call 1-888-876-6104 right away to speak to a ViaGen Pets & Equine Counselor for specific information and instructions.

Refrigerating and NOT FREEZING your dog or cat’s tissue sample immediately after death is the first critical step. Tissue biopsy samples should then be collected from your pet as soon as possible.

We recommend that your veterinarian perform the tissue biopsy. Our protocol for this biopsy procedure can be found here.

Does genetic preservation or cloning involve genetic modification (GMO)?

No. ViaGen Pets & Equine genetic preservation and cloning services do not involve changing or altering of your pet’s genetic material in any way. GP and cloning simply preserves the exact genetic identity of your cat, dog, or horse. A cloned animal simply shares the identical genes from the donor pet, just as natural identical twins do.

How do I know that my genetically preserved or cloned pet is authentic?

ViaGen Pets & Equine provides our clients with an independent genetic report from a university laboratory which compares the DNA sample taken during the donor biopsy with the DNA sample taken from the ViaGen Pets & Equine-produced cloned puppy, kitten, or horse. This report will show proof that the donor and cloned pet’s DNA are identical.

When ViaGen Pets & Equine says that genetic preservation and cloning is safe, what does “safe” mean.

For the biopsy required to GP and clone your pet, this quick and routine procedure is done by your veterinarian. For cloning, each animal involved in the cloning process is continually cared for by an expert veterinarian and trained ViaGen Pets & Equine team, and is watched and monitored continually to ensure the animal’s comfort, health, and well-being.

How can I preserve the genetics of my pet long-term?

Your pet’s genes can be preserved on a long term basis through ViaGen Pets & Equine’s genetic preservation (GP) service. Our genetic preservation (GP) process is conducted in three steps.

  1. We send you a ViaGen Pets & Equine Biopsy Kit, which your veterinarian will use to collect a tissue sample from your cat, dog, or horse. Your veterinarian will then send that tissue sample to ViaGen Pets & Equine.
  2. We culture new cells in our lab from your pet’s tissue sample. This allows us to ensure that the cells are ultimately usable to clone your pet, if you choose to do so.
  3. We cryopreserve (freeze) these live cells for cloning at a later time, if desired.

How long does genetic material preserved by ViaGen Pets & Equine remain usable?

ViaGen Pets & Equine stores your dog, horse, or cat’s genetic material by using cryopreservation. Cellular material preserved in such a manner has been used successfully decades after the original preservation date.

What is a cloned dog, cat, or horse?

A cloned dog, cat, or horse is simply an identical twin of the donor pet that is born at a later date.  A cloned cat, dog, or horse shares the exact genetic identity of the donor pet, just as natural identical twins share the exact same genes.

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